Friaday & Saturday Drop Box Menu

£22.50 Delivered

What you Get? Choose from List Below

2 x Main Meals

2 x Appetizers

3 x Salads* Subject To Availability

2 x KA Cans of Fruit Punch Drink (Black Grape, Ginger Beer and Guava)

***Please advise if you have any Allergies***

In order to assist with arranging an efficient delivery service, thus avoiding disappointment, we urge you to please adhere to the following requests:

  1. Please give 24 Hrs notice
  2. Order by 1pm
  3. Place all orders via sujaysjerkpankitchen messenger

Thank you
Keep safe


Festival Dumplings

Rice and Peas


(Chicken, Beef, Vegetable and Mutton)

Macaroni Cheese

Honey Coated Jerk Chicken Wings

Fried Plantain

Plantain Fritters

Spicy Pasta

Main Meals

Curry Goat, Rice & Peas

Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas

Jerk Chicken

Pork Stew, Rice & Peas

Pork Stew

Plantain Stew & Sweet Potato

Ackee, Saltfish, Rice & Peas


Beef Stew, Rice & Peas

Beef Stew

Chicken Stew, Rice & Peas

Stew Chicken

Beef Curry, Rice & Peas

Chicken Curry, Rice & Peas


Sujays Slaw

Mixed Fruit & Pepper Salad

Sweet Chilli Peppers

Mango, Red Onion and Avocado Salad


Salt Fish and Callaloo Wrap

Salt Fish

Jerk Chicken Wrap

Jerk Chicken Wrap

Jerk Pork Wrap

Vegetable Wrap

Ackee & Saltfish Wrap